Navigating the waters of a pandemic is stressful enough without adding additional money worries to the mix. That being said, finding ways to save money during Covid-19 is likely a necessity for many out there. For those who have some disposable income, this is the perfect opportunity to put aside funds for when the economy inevitably bounces back. Whether you’re telecommuting from home or still coming to work, here are a few ways to ensure you’re making every dollar count during these questionable economic times.

Contact Your Car Insurance Company

Most people have drastically reduced the amount of time spent driving during this pandemic. If you’re no longer using your car to commute to work, be sure to communicate this to your insurance company, as your vehicle’s insurance rates are often calculated with your commute as a factor. Even if you are still driving to work, you may find that there is less driving overall taking place. Putting lower mileage on your vehicle means there’s no reason for you to pay the same amount on insurance. 

Make the Most Out of Your Groceries

Being stuck inside can make it tempting to order meals and groceries more than ever. However, even being a premium user of food and grocery delivery apps can quickly stack up with tips and delivery fees. Unless you are an immunocompromised individual, you might consider safely planning out physical trips to the grocery store instead. While you should still consider limiting your trips, cooking at home can be a great way to save money and develop your culinary skills.

Consider Clearing Out Your Old Things

If you’ve been staying home, it’s likely you’ve attempted to reorganize your space and discovered how many things you’re no longer using. This can be a great time to say goodbye to unwanted clutter and make a few extra bucks in the process. Online marketplaces can be a great and safe way to sell your unused items. Consider disinfecting items before shipping them in order to give your buyers additional peace of mind. Many entrepreneurs have emerged as a result of the new world we live in, and have learned to adapt by starting their own craft-based businesses.