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About Matt

Matthew Littlemore is a financier living and working in Orlando, Florida. A leader in his field with 15+ years of experience, Matt has built his career on twin pillars of expertise in finance and in business intelligence. His experience and analytical approach to the latter in particular has set him apart from his peers.

A detail-oriented and technically minded individual, Matt has managed teams, both large and small, across departments including Human Resources, IT, finance, accounting, and FP&A. He has worked within strategic analytics and business intelligence, cultivating a unique skill set that allows him to excel in finance and operations alike.

Matt has cleaned and managed business data on behalf of large organizations, enabling them to make smarter, data-driven decisions on both a proactive and reactive basis. Be it solving on-the-spot problems or shedding light on business drivers, Matt knows that business intelligence is key for success in every organization.

Matt has experience in risk management as well. At once forward-thinking and analytical, he is able to guide organizations to take on new initiatives while mitigating the risks that they may offer to the business. Matt has delivered on major projects and has had three successful ERP upgrades over the years.

Matt’s areas of expertise include strategic planning and execution, financial modeling and forecasting, organizational design, banking structure and relationship management, business intelligence and data governance, financial responsibility, and mergers and acquisitions.

On this blog, Matthew Littlemore will share news and updates within the fast-paced world of finance. Stay tuned for new posts, or check out his overview website for more information!