The new year is setting fairly high standards for stocks to live up to. 2020 is sure to present new IPOs to the public market, but there are some equities that are already ideally performing. Such company shares have proven themselves in the past. These are the many brands with stock that could see higher profit margins for 2020.

Wesco International Stock (WCC) — $55.46

The price rallies behind Wesco International come from an operation that serves a global-business market. From Singapore to the United States, the construction projects of economically driven nations are what give Wesco its daily product sales. The actual WCC stock doesn’t pay dividends, but it has held a price range of around $55 a share with spikes over $57 that you can benefit from.

Fifth Third Bancorp Stock (FITB) — $31.03

The financial services of Fifth Third Bancorp give investors a range of portfolio options. These options sustain the agency’s reputation, for the bank’s packages stand out from common Wall Street services. Fifth Third is consistent. From FX to government lending, investors will use FITB to buy into greater diversity for 2020.

Eastman Chemical Stock (EMN) — $79.92

From commodity solvents to treated rubbers, Eastman Chemical has managed to lead material manufacturing with only 14,000 employees globally. Investors see an opportunity in this stock, for the market it successfully serves is a stable one. Eastman’s business-to-business products are only sold where they’re necessary.

Goldman Sachs Stock (GS) — $230.92

Some investors look to the Goldman Sachs firm as a buy-and-hold proposition. Its price tag per stock is steep, so day trading with this asset isn’t in your best interest. Once you factor in that the agency has grown steadily since 1869, which is over 150 years, you can see why a long-term hold makes sense.

Wells Fargo Stock (WFC) — $53.72

Being one of America’s leading banks gives Wells Fargo a fresh profit margin to work with each year. Though we might uncover negative news shifting its price, investors still see this stock as a competitive take. A WFC stock certificate earns a 2.04-percent-dividend yield and has held its price floor way above $43.02.